Stamtavla Valp


SE24228/2012 R
  Enomis Master Inth Ring

ANKC2100168911 R
  Enomis Showmwhatugot

  Enomis Hes All Right

  Enomis Lady Bonnie

  Enomis Truth Has It

  Enomis All Aussie

  Enomis Simply Something


SE36885/2011 R
  Dendu Bermuda Sky

S45291/2002 R
  Cooktown Red Gasolin

S46706/2000 R
  Nellyson's Balloha Bubblegumh

S35102/98 R
  Cooktown Red Diamond

S65654/2006 BLT
  Ålhammarens Ruzzin

S38740/2006 R
  Tatong's Red Letter Day

S42340/2004 BLT
  Ålhammarens Louisiana


Welcome to me!!!!

If you don't understand swedish you can use "Google översätt" to see the website in your language. The translation isn't always the best but I think you will understand most of what is written.


Drivs av Översätt