Mother:                                                                                Father:

Champ. Jaskarin Cat Queen                                       Champ. Avocation Rockabilly

 selma-hassleholm.jpg           elvis-champion-my-dog.jpg


 rocking-star-1.jpg   rocking-star.jpg

                                                                          DenDu Cats Rocking Star


 rocking-princess-1.jpg  rocking-princess.jpg

                                                                          DenDu Cats Rocking Princess


 rocking-baby-1.jpg rocking-baby.jpg

                                                                         DenDu Cats Rocking Baby


 rocking-king.jpg  rocking-king-1.jpg

                                                                        DenDu Cats Rocking King



                                                                   Cats Rocking Gangsters!






Welcome to me!!!!

If you don't understand swedish you can use "Google översätt" to see the website in your language. The translation isn't always the best but I think you will understand most of what is written.


Drivs av Översätt